Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  “What if I cannot find an item?”
A: We have thousands and thousands of items, much too many to list them all online but we do try. If you have an item you are looking please feel free to call, email, or even use the contact form to let us know. We may even have it in stock now. And of course walk ins are always welcomed.

Q: “Why do you have so many images of your items?”
A: We include multiple pictures it is to help show the item with every point of interest or flaw it may contain. We want our customers to be happy knowing exactly what they are ordering.

Q: ” What are Pre-Orders and the advantages to using them?”
A: We have recently added the ability to Pre-Order items that we have on order and have not arrived yet. This is a new procedure with our store. If you have had trouble obtaining items or do not feel like chasing them all over your town this is the solution for you.

Q: “Would you take payments on an item?”
A: If the item you are thinking of purchasing is a more expensive item the answer is yes with a down payment! Start off by contacting us and what terms are acceptable. It is the holiday season and we are happy to help you get that perfect gift.